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I am blessed to live my passions; a wife, a mom, a granny, a teacher, a research assistant / educational trainer and a painter.

Art has been one thread that has accompanied me throughout my life. It is my way to create, relax and navigate my world by focusing on my creative process. Art for me comes in many forms, from fabric / yarn, to watercolor / felts, to woodwork / gardening, to acrylic and mixed media.
In the past few years I started repurposing, reusing and refurbishing old pictures/ paintings and frames for my art. Since most of my art is a representation of the world around me and my travels, I discovered joy in rescuing discarded pieces. My art gets a frame and I get the satisfaction that art is not lost but transformed, ready for a new home.

Who am I? I am what I do. I do it everywhere. I do it everyday. I do it to the best of my ability. I do it because it is how I relate to the world. I do it for the joy and life it brings.
My art speaks volumes about who I am.

Welcome to my gallery...


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Photo by Franci Louann
Photo by Franci Louann

About The Paintings

I think of myself as a concept artist. I like to sketch, draw and paint complex emotive ideas in my art. Some of the concepts I am portraying are easy to read, like my paintings of Queensborough. While other paintings of mine, like FAMILY and UNTITLED take a stretch of the imagination to see.

I paint and create what I think and if the process is working well, I discover what I am thinking while, or if in rare cases, after I paint. I argue and discuss in my process with my art.

The flow, line and shape of my drawing come first and then color. The color is what I struggle with the most... it has to be right. Flow, line and shape excite me the most. I use lots of paint to exaggerate them.

Sometimes I lose my concept, (what I’m trying to say) and when I lose the flow, I need to come back to earth and visit Emily Carr (Vancouver Art Gallery) and wrap myself in her flow.

I know when I am finished a painting when the piece needs no more paint on it and, it just feels complete.

There is always a touch of whimsey in my work... you just have to find it.


Linda's Personal Art Collection - Pieces For Sale

I have always loved to visit museums and envisioned my home full of art. Be careful with visions.... they can come true. My home is FULL of art. Yep, no space left... until I paint or buy that next picture!!!!
Do any of us own what we love or is it just spending time with us? So, now I am open to selling all of my art pieces.
Welcome to my art gallery.

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